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Through PERN, HEC has given the online access of journals and research papers to UET Taxila.
This access is free for all the students and faculty members within the university.

To meet the information requirements of the UET Taxila, Pakistan with the provision o quality scholarly information based electronic delivery.

  • To provide students/ researchers in the university and eligible R&D organization with access to high quality journals, academic databases and articles across the widest range of disciplines.

  • To address the specific information needs of the sector with the delivery of content relevant to national development objectives.

  • To support the delivery of information and effective use of information and communication Technologies (ICTs) with extensive training for users with the library university and research community in Pakistan.

  • To work with international organizations to enhance the scope of available content and implements revolutionary technologies for the delivery of content.

  • To provide increased dissemination opportunities and promote the use and visibility of locally produced research information.