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Through PERN, HEC has given the online access of journals and research papers to UET Taxila.
This access is free for all the students and faculty members within the university.


HEC Digital Library subscribed e-books for Engineering Universities and Access at UET Taxila has been Activated. 40,000 online books in addition to 23,000 journals that have been made available through the Digital Library Programme . The E-Books Support programme will allow researchers to access of the important scholarly, Academic & Professional, handbooks and reference books electrically in a variety of subject area.

The patrons, students, faculty and Contact Info of the “University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila” now have access to ebrary and all of the powerful research technologies offered through ebrary platform. !

Over 220 leading international publishers are participating in ebrary including

  • BlackwellSynergy
  • BMJ Publishing Group
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Emerald
  • Jhon Wiley& Sons
  • The McGraw Hill Book Companies
  • MIT Press
  • Springer Punblishing Company
  • Stanford University Press
  • Sybex Inc.
  • United Nations University Press etc.
containing a collection of 32000 e-books in varied disciplines , Engineering(Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Computer), IT, Business Management and Social Sciences etc.

It is anticipated that students at under graduate and graduate levels will greatly benifit from this powerful new service which will provide a tremendous source of important information to the student /Researcher community.

To access the website please use the following URL;


Access is free for all users at UEt Taxila.



Scopus True Blue Quiz for all our Scopus customers in Pakistan from May 1 - May 20th, 2006. This quiz is open to all faculty members, students and researchers. The participant needs to take the quiz (which is a set of eight simple questions online) at www.info.scopus.com/quiz .

The lucky winner from your institute will win a 1 GB USB Memory Stick.
Two runners up will win a 256MB US Memory Stick.


Highest Usage of SCOPUS Competition January 07, 2006)

It has been a short while since we have had Scopus at our university through the initiative of the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. In our endeavor to optimize utilization of these resources at UET Taxila, Scopus has the pleasure of bringing to our attention; two initiatives

that scopus hope all universities will be willing to participate in.

    • The university recording the highest usage of Scopus from the period February till June 2006. The coordinator as designated by the HEC, will be awarded a sponsorship for an international conference (details to be provided later).
    • The university recording the second highest usage of Scopus from the period February till June 2006 will be awarded the second prize. The coordinator designated will be awarded a Scopus USB drive.
    • The prizes will be decided on the number of active users of Scopus during a month in the period, relative to the student and faculty members of the university.
    • The prizes will be decided on the usage statistics provided by our Usage Research Helpdesk
      Please confirm your participation by 20th January, 2006.

    • This is a competition to test your user’s awareness of the Scopus Database and how it can help him/her in the research process.
    • A set of 8 questions will need to be answered. Amongst correct entries, a lucky winner will be declared. Each lucky winner will take away a USB drive. The librarian/coordinator, who collects the maximum number of entries will also get a prize.
    • Posters will be sent to you for driving awareness of this campaign and users will be required to visit our website for participating. Tracking will be done at Elsevier’s end.
    • Please confirm your participation by the 20th of January 2006.
    • The competition will be on from the 20th January 2006 – 15th March, 2006.

Library Website Competition, Participate&Win I-POD Nanos & USB Drive (January 07, 2006)

A research study commissioned by Elsevier revealed that one of the best practices followed by successful libraries to market their resources is through the library website. The library website becomes the starting point for a researcher to find the information that he needs. A well-defined library website leads the user to the desired resource Hence this activity is accorded high priority by library management. Elsevier India would like to work in close coordination with the HEC and with all Institutions in Pakistan accessing ScienceDirect and Scopus to help attain the maximum utilization of all resources in your library.

In this endeavor to optimize utilization of Research resources at our universities, Elsevier has started a compitation for all universities for Digital lIbrary website compitation.


UET Taxila Digital LIbrary Team in coordination with HEC Digital Library Team conducting on-site evaluations of facilities available and ensuring necessary logistical support was provided. one day Workshop was conducted at Main aditorim of UET Taxila.

The official Digital Library website was introduced to participants, presenting a focal point for categorization and dissemination of information. Other promotional material such as posters, pamphlets and bookmarks were distributed to increase awareness and propagate information about the resources available through the program. The British Library Program was introduced and basic concept for ordering documents discussed at each presentation.

The workshop proved to be a beneficial step towards strengthening the efforts of collaborative research in UET Taxila and understanding the technologies involved in achieving the same. During the third phase of these awareness building trainings.